STIR the pot

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Why was the president's executive fired? Well...

Written by Angelina Gaines

Illustration by Vibhu Venkatesh

Many would probably recommend that you don’t gossip about someone’s family, at least if you hope to continue to be employed by that someone.

However, that thought might of not occurred to Madeleine Westerhout. Madeleine Westerhout is no longer employed at the White House after claiming to have a better relationship with the president than his daughters, and stating that Trump doesn’t like to be photographed with his daughter, Tiffany, because he thinks she’s overweight. 

She also joked that Trump couldn't spot Tiffany in a crowd. Apparently, it was tipsy Madeleine Westerhout who said these things to the press at an off-the-record dinner, but honestly, who cares. 

Long story short, someone started drama and now they no longer have their job. If only Madeline had stirred the pot in a more influential way, like by bringing up big, or small, national, or global, issues. 

If she did that, maybe she would have been considered more than the executive assistant whose the “elevator girl” or “greeter girl”. She would of been the “REAL executive assistant” or the “women who got fired, because she STIRRED the pot”. 

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