Be Selfish Sometimes

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Being Selfish is really okay sometimes. Here's why.

Written by Nicole Hong

Illustration by Vibhu Venkatesh

Mental disorder has become one of the rising health issues in this generation. Mental disorder is the name that categorizes both mental health and illness and is defined as a spectrum with those who suffer from the conditions that affect emotions and behavior. 

Health, in general, should be a main concern for a community. However, it is hard to believe that most people are not able to express or seek help for their mental health which could cause serious events to a community, the world, and one’s physical well being. 

The main problem of it all is that according to the mental illness policy,  50% of the human population are mentally ill and untreated, which makes up about 3.6 million of humankind.



It is important to try and help those who are seeking help regardless if they are not able or able to get professional help because mental health could alter one’s decisions based on their emotions.

 Mental health is also very important to treat for others well-beings to physically, emotionally, and spiritually be involved in one’s own self-care, in the community to help others, and to enjoy life with a well-balanced set of emotions.

If you need help, try to talk to close communities, friends, mentors, and family to create a group of supporters for yourself.. Quick note: Be a little selfish to help yourself with anything and have those who are well to be a little selfless to help you. 

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